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What is Copyright?
"Copyright" is a form of intellectual property protection granted to the creators of original works of authorship such as literary works (including computer programmers, tables and compilations), dramatic, musical and artistic works, cinematographic films and sound recordings.
Why Copyright registration is essential?
Copyright registration of the work is highly recommended; as registration is helpful in an infrigement suit. As per the Copyright Act, the register of copyrights (where the details of the work are entered on registration) is prima facie evidence in all courts.
Different types of work covered under copyright
Dramatic and musical work (i.e Drama, Skit, Play, Movie etc.)
Artistic work (i.e. Logo, Monogram, design etc.)
Software / Computer programmed
Work of Architecture
Cinematograph Film Sound Recording (i.e. A Cassette or a Record) Website, Web Contents, Home Page.
Copyright is a legal right, given exclusively to the creators/originator (or assignee) to make further copies for publication and public performance. Basically, Copyright means the right to copy or reproduce the work in which copyright subsist.
Our copyright services include the following :
Preparing copyright applications for registration with the Register of Copyrights.
Advising clients on copyright infringement litigation.
Preparing cease and desist letters to infringers.
Negotiating settlement agreements for copyright infringement.
Drafting publishing and writers' agreements.
Preparing copyright assignment agreements.
Preparing copyright licensing agreements.
Valuable assets of business
Protect monopoly of your product / function and technical invention
Protects the appearance of a product, not its function / purely artistic work
It promotes the progress of science and useful arts.
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